Welcome to my blog! You are either here because you already know me or you have managed to stumble across my blog. I have blogged on and off since I was in high school back in 2000 starting with xanga.com!

Blogging has been a way for me to express my feelings, my passions, and my struggles. It is my personal therapist and has served me well over the years. I took about a long hiatus  because at the time I needed it. I finally feel like blogging is something that needs to be a regular part of my life and so here we are today (July 2014) with my return to the blogging world! Here you will find projects that I am excited and passionate about, daily struggles, huge dreams, and anything else I may need to tell my “therapist.” These are my thoughts and mine alone.

About Me: I was born a bright blue-eyed girl on a Wednesday as the first child to my deaf parents. They were thrilled to find out that there were no issues with my own hearing. I started life in a little town called Murray, Kentucky on a 21 acre farm filled with rabbits, cats, dogs, and a horse. I was blessed almost four years later with a little sister. She was another healthy, hearing, baby girl. We then moved to South Dakota when I was in the 3rd grade to be closer to my mother’s side of the family. While I enjoyed spending time with my cousins, I always felt like a part of me was left behind in Kentucky. I am Kentucky girl at heart and I spent most of the 5 years we lived there hoping to move back some day. Well as my luck had it when I was in 7th grade, my parents said we were moving back to Kentucky! That landed us in Paducah, KY where I was the awkward new girl in middle school. It was then where I met my best friend and that friendship still lasts today. When I started high school, I joined the marching band’s color guard. I had previously been a softball player, but I just didn’t enjoying playing without my teammates back in South Dakota. I had told my dad I no longer wanted to play (hardest thing every since he was my #1 fan) and that I wanted to try out for the color guard. Color guard would later be my saving grace as it helped me keep my sanity during my parents divorce. When I was 15, my world came crashing down when my parent’s had decided to divorce. Lucky for me that was the same time as band camp and I had never been more thankful to get away. After the divorce was finalized, I lived with my dad and my sister lived with my mom. Once I graduated high school, college took me back to Murray, Kentucky and I have been here ever since!

You may wonder why I am going into so much detail about my younger years, well, it’s because all these events led up to the woman I have become today. They have made me realize never to take anything for granted, to be kind, to have a open mind and heart, and to never stop believing in yourself.

Today, I would consider myself a successful and happy woman. I hold a Bachelors and a Master’s degree in Business Administration. The first in my immediate family to get a Master’s.  I spend most of my time working, but during those free moments I like to spend them crafting, with my Fiancé, our dogs, our cats, and with our family and friends. I feel incredible blessed to be where I am at today and can’t wait to see where my dreams take me next.


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